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Water Butts - Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I install a water butt?

With the introduction of water rates a water butt is a fantastic way to help you to save money. Also when there are water shortages, hosepipe bans and prolonged dry weather it can become extremely difficult and expensive to keep your garden, vegetables and plants alive.

Is it true that rainwater is better for my plants?

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Absolutely. Regardless of the intoduction of water rates every self-respecting gardener should be using harvested rainwater on their plants. Saving your own rainwater is not only free, but rainwater is better for your garden than tap water because it doesn't contain any of the filtration chemicals that drinking water has.

In what ways can I use the water that I collect in my water butt?

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You can use rainwater collection in your garden and that includes watering and maintaining your plants, vegetables and flowers, topping up water features, garden ponds, cleaning your car, washing your windows.

For the home you can use rainwater collection for your kitchen appliances, shower and toilet. You should not drink collected water.

How much rain water can I collect?

Measure the square footage covered by your roof. The formula is 1 Sq. Ft. = .623 gallons for each inch of rain. In other words a 1,000 square foot coverage would provide 623 gallons with one inch of rain.

Why only install water butts with a 210 litre capacity?

When it comes to butts, size matters! Ideally you should install the largest water butt that you can accommodate. In our experience we have found that the 210 litre is the best fit with the needs of the majority of our customers.

Where do you deliver and install water butts?

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We deliver and install water butts in all parts of Dublin and some areas of the surrounding counties. If you live outside the greater Dublin area and have a large (10 units or more) order please contact us for a quote.

What happens when my water butt is full?

We install a special diverter that, when properly installed, ensures that when your water butt is full excess water continues down the downpipe.

How many water butts should I have?

It depends upon the space that you have but Ideally you should have one for every downpipe on your property. Besides your house roof you may also have rain collection points off your garage, porch, conservatory, garden shed, etc.

Can I site my water butt directly on to soil?

No. A full water butt weighs 210Kg approx. (just less than 19st) and will sink into the soil over time. This will place a strain on the connection to your downpipe and could ultimately damage the connection and/or the downpipe. your water butt must sit on a solid site such as concrete, tar macadam, slabs on a proper foundation, or a well supported/buttressed decking.

Can I collect water if my downpipe is made of cast iron?

Local Councils do not recommend the use of water butts with cast iron downpipes.

Can I connect other water butts to my existing one?

Yes you can and this will help you to save even more water.

What if I don't have a PayPal Account?

That's no problem. If you have a valid credit or debit card you can still use the PayPal ordering system to order your water butts.

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