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How to Order Your Water Butt

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Please note that we operate on a cash-on-delivery basis however we do require an upfront deposit* which you can pay below. Our online payment processor is PayPal however you DO NOT have to have a PayPal a/c to pay your deposit. Just select the appropriate option.

Before you order please ensure that you meet the following criteria:

1) The diameter of the downpipe is either - 68mm for round downpipes, or 65mm for square downpipes.

2) The downpipe is plastic and not made of metal.

3) That the location of the downpipe can comfortably accommodate the water butt with stand. The diameter of the water butt is 68cm and, on the stand, the butt is 118cm in height.

4) The site surface is level and is solid. We cannot site a water butt directly on to soil.

5) That we will be able to gain easy access to the site where the water butt is to be installed.

Do NOT order unless you are certain that your downpipe and location are suitable. If you order and we discover on arrival that the water butt cannot be installed - for any reason - then we cannot refund your deposit. If in doubt please contact us before you order and/or take a photo of your downpipe & location and email it to us for our review.

If you prefer to pay in full in advance please contact us and we can provide you with other options - including paying by cheque or direct bank transfer.

NOTE: Our payment processor of choice is PayPal™ a widely internationally recognised e-commerce provider, with over 130 million members worldwide. Purchasing through PayPal™ is fast, easy, and 100% secure. PayPal™ has very strict procedures to ensure complete e-commerce security: this protects both the customer (you) and the merchant (us).

*Why We Ask for a Deposit

Unfortunately we have encountered situations where some householders have changed their minds but did not advise us before we had arrived with the water butts and other equipment. Loading and transporting water butts takes time and money and the deposit is purely to compensate us in such circumstances. If you have paid a deposit but decide not to proceed, for any reason at all, just email or text us at least 24 hours before your installation date and we will issue you with a full refund of your deposit.


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