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Water Butts

What is a Water Butt?

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A water butt, also known as a rain barrel, is a large cask that is used to collect and store rain water that runs off a roof or other flat surfaces. Typically they are situated below or near a downpipe that carries rain water from a roof directly into a drain in the ground.

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With the certain introduction of water charges into Ireland the sale of water butts and other water saving devices has soared. Most householders begin with the installation of a single butt. However as water rates increase, and the effectiveness of a properly installed water butt becomes clear, people purchase others to collect rain water from all available sources.

The obvious place to site your first water butt is off the the downpipe that carries rainwater from the house roof into the drain on the ground. Following on from this you should seek to site other butts to capture rain from the garage roof, porch, conservatory and the garden shed.

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The size of the water butt chosen should be as large as can be comfortably be accommodated in the space available. If you already have a water butt it is possible increase your water storage capacity by linking a second or third butt to the original set up.

Water that has been collected is generally not suitable for drinking by humans however it can be used for pets, topping up ponds (fish do better in rain water), water pot plants, gardens, washing cars, power washers, and more.

It is usually a complete waste to water lawns or long-established plants, such as trees, shrubs, and bushes as these will quickly recover after any prolonged dry periods. However newly planted flowers and vegetables, hanging baskets, and other container plants need very regular watering. With the advent of water charges a large water butt will quickly recover any initial outlay.

water butt off house roof

Water butt of a conservatory

Water butt off a shed

You can order your water butt for delivery and installation in the Dublin area today. For further details please see Purchase Water Butt.

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