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Water Meters

What is a water meter?

AMR ater meter

A water meter measures the amount of water supplied to domestic dwellings. Irish Water say that water meters will be installed in a meter box below ground and on public land. The meters will feature Automated Meter Reading (AMR) capability. This means Irish Water will not need to enter individual dwellings in order to read each individual water meter. This is known as drive by meter reading. The AMR water meters accurately gauge the usage of water in each dwelling and should be help domestic users to exercise greater control over the amount of water used.

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Water meter installation began in August 2013 in Maynooth, Co. Kildare and by the end of 2016 the majority of domestic dwellings will be metered. Properties that have been considered to be currently non-meterable such as apartments and backyard services will be considered for further phases of the meter roll-out project. According to the Irish Water website the installation process will be as follows:


At least two weeks before the installation you will receive an information pack explaining our work, and what to expect when we install your water meter.


At least two days before the installation we will notify you of the date when the water meter will be fitted.


You do not need to be at home while your water meter is being installed. The installation process will cause disruption to the public road or footpath outside your home. This is unavoidable, but you will have safe pedestrian access to and from your home while all work is being carried out. Work will take up to two hours and your water supply will be interrupted intermittently throughout this period.

While your water supply is off, please:

  • don’t use the kitchen cold water tap, or any other tap that is fed directly off the mains, as this could cause the sink to overflow if it is left on when supply is restored
  • don’t drink water from your hot water tap
  • don’t use household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers, which rely on a constant supply of water
  • don’t use other devices running on mains water pressure

While your water supply is off, typically you can:

  • use other cold water or hot water taps in your usual way, i.e. a bathroom tap to wash your hands (only water from a mains water tap should be used for drinking)
  • flush the toilet


After the meter has been fitted, and the water supply has been restored, run the cold tap in the kitchen for a few minutes to ensure any residue is flushed out.


Typical Water Meter Installation - Video

For a more graphical representation of a typical water meter installation please see below:

Source: The Fear - RTE Two

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